Steve's Preliminary Ideas For The Albinoaid Project

Here’s my start of thinking for efforts with albinistic tendencies during our travels. Over the next month I’m thinking about items we might want to take with us, and then putting Mom and Debbie on the alert for garage sale items that might work. This could also be where we nudge Fred and Sam, depending on whether there are other efforts you’d like to consider.

You’ll notice that George G. came to my mind as someone to talk with about this. Do you think he would consider breakfasting or lunching with us sometime? I don’t know him, but would be happy to start this conversation with him if you think he’d be up for it. I’m also thinking about catching Terry Webster about this, so maybe we get both guys together at the same time?

More to follow, but my brain is already beginning to engage on this albinism topic…. Also, if you have thoughts on water efforts while there, I’m still feeling a certain nudge to pursue those efforts here in the states and overseas.

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